Heimdalls Wacht

Upcoming concerts:

6-7-8 May: Black Troll Festival
22-23 Juli: Boarstream Open Air
26-27-28 August: Wolfszeit Open Air

Saruman: vocals & bass guitar
Narhemoth: vocals
Herjann: guitar
Teja: guitar
Winterheart: drums

Besides this website and all websites linked to from this one there is NO OTHER presence considered official on the internet. Any other presence, profile or information is UNAUTHORIZED, INOFFICIAL and FAKE. This includes but is not limited to any kind of Facebook profile.

For interview requests or general concerns contact band@heimdallswacht.de.

For booking requests contact booking@heimdallswacht.de

For distribution or other business shit contact dist@heimdallswacht.de

For music and merch check out heimdallswacht.bandcamp.com/ and heidenshart.nl